How Do I Measure ROI From Training Spend?

As a Learning and Development professional you may be asked to demonstrate the ROI from the training you’ve delivered or managed. And when budgets get tight it’s common knowledge that training budgets are the first to get slashed, or cut altogether.

Even the thought of trying to work out the ROI is daunting for many as there are so many different factors to consider.

Don’t panic – we can help!

We know that being able to measure ROI is essential for L&D teams to articulate the value they contribute to the business and to help build a compelling financial case for funding any future training programmes.

We’ve created an ROI tool that is simple to use and is based on a robust methodology that measures not only the cost of training, but also the quality, effectiveness, job impact and business results. We focus on engagement, the content of the learning itself, how effectively new skills are applied in the workplace, the impact they have on the business, and finally, the financial ROI calculation itself.

An accurate ROI enables sound decision-making to determine which learning programmes to keep, and which to discontinue. It also keeps you from training people who don’t need it, or don’t use the skills they have learnt – one of the biggest wastes of training budgets.

You’re in safe hands.

When you can speak confidently about ROI in your business, you will stand a better chance of maintaining a skills and learning development strategy. And the contribution that your department makes to your company’s productivity will be easily recognised.

To find out more, speak to us today.

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