About Spaghetti Junction

In-depth knowledge of the skills and training landscape.

Having spent many years in education and business management, the founder of Spaghetti Junction has in-depth knowledge of the skills and training landscape.

It can be an enormous headache for employers to determine what training is needed, at what level, and from which providers, to fully equip their workforce.

I set up Spaghetti Junction to help you find your way through the maze of offerings and funding options.

Our role is to empower L&D managers and demystify the skills and training arena.

Sarah Bentley


I am passionate about helping businesses and their employees get the best from each other through the right training of skills in the workplace. With over twenty years in business leadership, I have significant experience in strategy development and implementation, identifying funding solutions, and business growth. I am a specialist in the Facilities Management sector and until recently was the CEO of the Building Futures Group.

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